How to learn Linux || All in one Linux system adminstration

What is Linux?

The Linux operating system has become one of the most widely used operating systems, popular among researchers, application developers, and hobbyists alike. These days, the Linux operating system can be found in an amazing range of computer environments, from mobile phones to satellites. This chapter examines just what the Linux operating system is and why there are so many different Linux distributions available to choose from. With this information, you can select the right Linux distribution for your environment

What does a Linux administrator do?

Linux administrators are responsible for maximizing the performance of the operating system. Security is fundamental to their role, especially when approving the installation of new software and enhancement features. Some of their day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Installing Linux servers and systems
  • Updating the system after crashes or reboots
  • Performing maintenance checks and system backups
  • Reading error logs
  • Conducting root analyses
  • Processing user complaints
  • Training other administrators to use the system

Job Market in Linux System administartor.

There are a lot of work in linux system administrator. But now I discuse personllay what job done by me. Actually, I have been working as a linux server administrator for 2 years. there I did linux server configuration. Most of the work was linux server configuration for website. Let’s see the work i done as a freelancer:

  • Cpanel/Plesk/Cyberpanel configuration
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google clould Platform
  • Linux softwere instation
  • Ubuntu/CentOS/Debian/RHEL etc os.
  • Apache/Ngnix server configuration
  • Website Migration to linux server
  • WordPress Bitname
  • Linux issue fix
  • Linux software/open source scrip installation
  • Linux Storage partition managment.

What do you need to learn for a job?

There are basic 20 things that you need to learn for Linux server administration. Also if you are a student of computer science or a web developer, you should learn these 20 things. that will help you 1 step in your professional life. I recommended learning basic Linux to everyone. Also, use Linux in our daily life instead of a window.

  1. Setting Up The Environment
  2. Managing Users and Groups]
  3. Installing and Configuring Packages
  4. Linux Shells
  5. Linux Filesystem
  6. Configuring and Managing Networks
  7. Managing Data Storage
  8. Virtualization Technologies
  9. Managing Backups
  10. Disaster Recovery
  11. Security Management
  12. Hardware Management
  13. Memory Management
  14. Automation
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Monitoring
  17. Know about Linux core
  18. Communication
  19. firewalls
  20. Course Certifications

How to learn Linux System Administration

Read one of my favorites “Book Linux one in all”. Only reading is not sufficient for a job or any freelancing work. you have to earn huge practical knowledge. because the Linux system administration is very sensitive work. if you missed something you may hunter from the hacker. then you will lose all the data and website files. so you must have to very practical about this. I started my career as a web developer. web development knowledge helps me in 1 step. I know about security and basic security. then I just gather knowledge how to configure the Linux and secure the website and server. However, Download the book as well as watch videos from youtube. The best way is to buy the latest premium course. I followed some youtube channels for Basic Linux. But now the videos are backdated. I prefer you to find out a latest playlist.

Download Premium book: Linux® All-in-One For Dummies

My prefared youtube chanel for basic linux. After learn basic linux you will autometically know what is the next step.
Bangla playlist: Open Youtube Basic linux. Click Here
English Playlist: Open Youtube Basic linux. Click Here

You can follow my channel. I don’t think you learn anything from my channel. Here I uploaded various on-demand work tutorials. that is not helpful for beginners. My chanel is Arif TheBrother. Click Here

My Opnion About Linux Administration

If you learn Linux to earn money, that’s good. but remember you have to be passionate about your work. Linux system is a very advanced course. there you just need some basic knowledge about computers and the internet. i.e: you have to know how the internet work, what is a website, the website backend-font end, operating system, computer memory, processor, and storage in detail. Also, you have to know basic cybersecurity. to me, Linux server/OS is very easy than the web development or digital marketing. but It is very sensitive work. you would have to ensure 100% security in Linux.

Welcome to linux server administration profession. This job is very uncommon and have a lot of work in marketplaces. Happy freelancing

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