Spending money on Facebook ads can't bring Sales.

Most Facebook advertisers think that spending more money on Facebook ads will lead to sales

Is this correct?

I don’t think So

💥If you think a high budget for Facebook advertising can give you 5X sales, then you are wrong.

💥 I have 3+ experience in the Facebook advertising sector. And I am popular with Ecommerce Facebook Advertisers.

Facebook Ad Campaign budget increase is one of many factors in bringing Sales to your business.

🔥🔥🔥 There are many factors can bring sales on Facebook🔥🔥🔥

Now let’s show you some factors that you have to focus on in Facebook Ads:

✅ Do proper planning before advertising

✅ Set your Business Funneling

✅ Don’t do any Unnecessary Campaign

✅ Find your Potential Audience

✅ Optimize Facebook Page

✅ Setup Pixel if You have a website

✅ Write Appealing Ad Copy

✅ Create Attractive Ad Creative

✅ Give Attracting offer

✅ Optimize ECommerce Store

✅ Create an Audience Perfectly

✅ Narrow your Audience

✅ Try to Create an Actionable Video

If you maintain the above factors perfectly, then you don’t need to be tense about the Ad Budget.

🔥Remember one thing that doesn’t rely on a budget. Because only a budget cannot bring anything.

However, I give service on Facebook Advertising, especially on Facebook Advertising.

If you have a long-time project, then feel free to knock me. I don’t depend on the budget. I will set up a budget after I know your business. 

2. Problem- Wasting Advertising Budget

Don’t Waste your Advertising Budget

🤔🤔Most people waste money on Advertising.

👉Do you agree with me?

👍If yes, then it’s good, If not, then I will prove that people waste money on advertising.

Many companies focus on the budget rather than whether Facebook has more options. 

✅Do you know that there is one more mistake?

❌That is trusting your business promotion to the wrong advertiser. 

Wrong advertiser means those who need to be more competent in advertising. 

Those advertisers make a lot of mistakes in their work.

✅And at the end of the day, business owners suffer.

Business owners’ main target is to gain sales with advertising.

But this is challenging for incompetent advertisers. 

🔥 Because many tricks can apply, who is an expert advertiser.

So, hire a skilled advertiser who can increase your business. And save you from wasting your advertising budget. 

I am sharing some of my tricks with you. The way I advertise for my clients.

👉 At first, I make a funnelling for my client. It is not the same for all clients. 

👉 Make a Customer Avatar

👉 Create Audience 

👉 Create attractive Ad Copy & Ad Creative 

👉 Made essential message template

👉 Avoid Unnecessary Campaign 

🔥 With all these tricks, I generate 2x sales for my client.

Yes, it’s true.

And my clients are satisfied with my service. 

Because I am focused on cost control in advertising. 

That’s why my client’s budget is always well-spent. 

Feel free to knock me if you use your advertising budget wisely. 

3. Pain- Not Getting Sales

To Get Sales, Be Patient First


Everyone wants Sales of their business.

And it’s natural to want it. 

🔥🔥Because no business can run without sales🔥🔥

But everyone wants sales, but no one wants to do what it takes to get sales.

Everyone wants overnight sales.

But is it possible at all?

👉Yes, possible, but not overnight.

Many people approached me about work and asked me, Can you give me a sales guarantee? 

This is one of the biggest lame questions. 

👉The sales guarantee does not depend only on the advertiser.

The advertiser’s work is only to advertise, not generate sales.

But the advertiser will do whatever it takes to bring in the sales. 

The product you want to sell should have several features. They are:

👉 First, make sure that the quality of the product is good.

👉 Make sure the price of the product is affordable for everyone. 

👉 Check if everyone is giving positive feedback about the product.

👉 Make sure the packaging of the product is attractive

👉 Determine how competent the sales team you have who will be talking to a customer. 

👉 Make sure your after-sales service is good.

Ensure that the above items are included with your product. You don’t worry about sales. 

People blame advertisers when their business doesn’t get sales.

Do you think the fault is only the advertiser?

Please think logically from now on.

If you want, you can take a free consultancy from me. 

I will tell you what your next step is

4. Fears- Over Costing Than Sales

Get Sales with Maintain ROI

There is no end to our worries about sales.

As an E-Commerce Marketer, I have seen a lot of frustration in people when sales don’t come. 

Yes, it is a disappointing thing.

But don’t be disappointed.

Many get regular sales, but the amount spent per sale could be more scalable. 

Which means ROI is not correct.

Because you don’t just have to sell your product, you also have to look after other ancillary things. 

While focusing on these sales, we want to sell and forget about the rest. 

In addition to selling your products, you also need to track how much money is spent on each product sale. 

Because more money is needed to be spent while selling a product.

Your goal will be to sell more at a lower cost. 

I keep this in my mind when I work for my clients.

If you survive in the market for a long time, you must be able to sell more at a lower cost. 

In this case, you must consider several things while advertising. They are:

👉 Take a quality product for advertising

👉 Try to add an actionable video in Ad Creative

👉 Add Customer Feedback in your Ad Creative

👉 Use a Perfect Call to Action in your advertising

👉 Make sure Your Customer Support team is quality 

If you can proceed by confirming the above points, you will be able to sell more products at less cost.

So, must maintain ROI while advertising

5. Fears- Fear of Losing Money without seeing results

Frustrated spending money on Facebook Ads but not getting Results

The result is everything in all kinds of work.

Work is worthwhile with results.

Facebook Ads are not different from them.

Because people want to get positive results after they advertise products on Facebook. 

But I see many frustrated people spending money on Facebook Ads but still need to get Results.

This is frustrating.

 It cannot happen that you will spend money but not get results. 

There may be a mistake between the two. They are: 

👉 Either your marketer needs to correct his marketing strategy. 

👉 The product you are advertising has a problem or is not able to attract the audience

Anything can happen.

You have to figure out the mistake and find the solution. And then you have to get rid of the frustration. 

I have 3+ years of experience in the E-commerce marketing industry.

Most of the time, the main problem is in the product. Or the product sales team. 

But the product owners would prefer to accept it. They think it’s the advertiser’s problem.

✔️ Stay calm if you get a result instantly.

✔️ Try to find the solution.

I get many such clients who have spent money for a long time but are still waiting for results. 

✔️ They want me to solve it.

I needed help with the product as well as the strategy of its marketers. 

In this case, I solved his problem with my magnetic funnel,

Do you want to test my funneling?

💥Then knock me. 

6. Want- Want to sell through Facebook Ads

Sell Your Product Through Facebook Ads

Facebook is currently the most suitable medium for promoting product sales online.

Because you need to sell your product or service when the audience gathers.

And when it comes to online, Facebook is the most suitable place.

However, Facebook has several times more audience than other social media.

🔥🔥🔥 I am an E-Commerce marketer. 🔥🔥🔥

I already handle 50+ E-Commerce projects for my client.

I am working on E-Commerce business promotion through Facebook Advertising. 

I have noticed that people spend more money to sell their products through Advertising.  

Yes, it is a job for them, but they should spend money wisely. 

First, you need to understand the benefits of advertising everywhere.

It is better to choose any particular platform instead of showing ads everywhere.

And in that case, my preferred platform is Facebook.

🔥🔥🔥Because here you will find tons of traffic for influence to buy your product.

But the process is more challenging.

You have to maintain some processes. 

Some people think A single advertisement can bring millions of sales. 

Yes, it is possible.

👉 But for this, your Facebook page needs high authority. 

👉 If you entrust your business or product promotion to a skilled Facebook marketer, your business will grow quickly. 

Because they can Sell your product through Facebook Ads.

👉 If you Give advertising to Facebook with proper funneling, sales will surely come. 

👉 You can knock me for free consultancy. 

I will share with you my plan for your business. If you like it, then we can work together.

I hope I can help you with my experience. 

7. Want- Lower Cost Per Conversion

Maintain Low CPC ( Cost Per Conversion ) While Advertising

Many people think that advertising is an easy task.

LOL !!!

Sorry to say that, those people have no idea about advertising people.

Because as an E-Commerce Facebook Marketer, I must maintain some factors while advertising. 

🔥🔥🔥Advertising does not mean that you take an ad account and place Ads.🔥🔥🔥

Because I have to keep many things in mind while giving the ad.

One is maintaining low CPC ( Cost Per Conversion ) while advertising.

Most of my campaigns are Message / Conversion Campaigns. 

And while working on this campaign, I always have to keep one thing in mind.

Each message/conversion comes at a lower cost to customers.

And does it seem easy to you?

It is not easy, but it is a challenging task.

Because of this, I have to focus on several things. These are:

👉 The client’s Facebook page is optimized

👉 The Clients page has a substantial number of likes & followers. 

👉 Profile photo & cover photo on the page are eye catchy 

👉 Let Customer share their positive feedback on the page

👉 The page should have regular content

👉 Advertisement must be placed with a skilled advertiser

👉 Ad Copy & Ad Creative must be attractive

👉 Optimize Audience setup

👉 Give an attractive offer

If you advertise according to the above, you can get more conversions at a lower cost.

You can knock me for LOW CPC while advertising.

I will help you with 3+ years of experience in the E-Commerce Facebook Marketing sector.

So, you can trust me to grow your business online.

8. Desires- Increased Sales & Revenues

Hire Specialist E-Commerce Facebook Marketer to Increased Sales & Revenues

Nowadays, all types of businesses are dependent on online.

And every business needs to increase sales and increase income to continue.

This is the main goal of every business.

But most businesses need to meet this goal.

And there are many reasons behind this.

One needs to hire more skilled Facebook Marketers.

Many people hire Facebook marketers but must focus on whether they are skilled. 

But you must keep an eye on this. Because a clumsy marketer will never be able to focus on increasing your sales & revenue.

With my 3+ years of experience, I have noticed that almost 70% of businessmen make this mistake.

One thing to remember is that a skilled marketer has never done his work with advertising. 

Because he knows the proper marketing system of every business.

Increasing sales/revenue does not mean giving ads on Facebook. 

You have to focus on some other things with advertising. These are: 

✅ Optimize the Business page

✅ Publish Content Regularly

✅ Make a funneling before ad

✅ Give attractive offer

✅ Write appealing Ad Copy

✅ Create Eye Catchy Ad Creative

✅ Create an actionable Short Video

✅ Create a Customer Avatar

✅ Setup Audience Properly

✅ Do A/B Test

A skilled advertiser goes into advertising, keeping these things in mind.

If any business maintains these things in their advertising, they can accept sales & revenue. 

So, must hire a skilled E-Commerce Facebook marketer to grow your business. 

And you can knock me to get a better service in your E-Commerce marketing.

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