Redirect one domain to another domain using Cloudflare

If you possess an alternate domain solely redirecting traffic to another domain, Cloudflare allows you to configure redirects directly within its interface.

The initial step involves incorporating your alias domain (e.g., into Cloudflare.

Ensure your alias domain features a proxied DNS A or CNAME record, correctly resolving DNS queries. It might be prudent to include a record for the www subdomain as well.

TypeNameIPv4 addressProxy status

Leverage Bulk redirects to direct traffic from your alias domain to the desired destination. Opt for “Include subdomains” and “Subpath matching” to encompass your entire alias domain (e.g., and

Source URLTarget URLStatusSelected parameters
previous.comhttps://new.com301Include subdomains and Subpath matching

This setup facilitates the seamless forwarding of traffic from your alias domain to the designated primary domain, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of subdomains and subdirectories within the redirect process.

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