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Hi Arif,

Below are my edits – let me know if you have any questions

1. Update background wallpaper with the attached pattern
2. Remove Little Dino Logo (far upper right corner)
3. Footer: Add Attached logo to each page. Place logo above “ 2023 © synscicomm. No reproduction use of …”
4. Replace “2023 © Synscicomm-ics. No reproduction use of …” with


SynSciComm LLC (text style)

(C) 2023 SynSciComm LLC. All right reserved.”

5. Remove media handles from top of page – move page labels to the middle of page and put animated page holder name to the top of page labels (middle centered).

To highlight selected page – can the page title be underlined – maybe a sguiggly line or imperfect line. I’m not sure if possible.

6. Remove subscription or hide it for now – not ready for that feature yet.

For Comics Page:
Create two banners with spacing between each banner to signify to category of comics. So it will be –

Comics (header)
Banner – including space holder comics
(Spacing – approx 2 inches)
Banner – including space holder comics

Repeat this for the Animations Page as well
I will have short stories and Gifs

For the About Page: Change “The Team” to “Meet the Characters” – I will upload the placeholders images with each character names (circle cropping preferred). I will replace them with colored versions later.

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